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◆ Easily manage the day’s tasks, keep track of progress, and create detailed plans to achieve your goals
◆ Made by Fourdesire, developer with multiple awards in the Google Play with over millions of users worldwide
◆ Our 4th productivity app, brand new in 2020

Plan a task and discover new lands.
Each item on your to-do list becomes a part of the new island’s landscape: Finish important tasks and you might erect a mountain.
Save it for another day and you may get a river.
Keep at it and you will discover a long, winding path.

To-Do Adventure is a personal productivity journal that makes to-do lists more fun! Research shows just writing things down can increase your productivity by 33%. As psychiatrist Dr. Tracey Marks explains, creating lists is like “constructing a road”. Lists reduce the mental effort involved in keeping track of all the little things that accumulate over time. With awareness as you keep track of the day’s tasks, your to-do list becomes a guide map. That way you will have more time to focus on achieving your goals.

■ Suitable for: anyone in need of a productivity boost! ■
– 【Students】 From studying and part-time work to competitions and internships, keep track of what needs to get done and how long it takes to complete your tasks.
– 【Young Adults】 Make lists of important tasks demanding your attention as you face new life challenges.
– 【New Parents】 Better understand the timing of your child’s needs so you can more efficiently divide responsibilities and support each other.
– 【Those in Need of a Daily Routine】 Easily keep track of the day’s tasks and get immediate feedback.

■ What it is ■
To-Do Adventure is an incredible productivity journal!
Create more time to relax in your busy daily life by keeping track of everything that needs to get done! To do lists do not have to be something you are forcing yourself to do. Instead, they become easy and fun.

◈ Every Little Bit Counts ◈
– Turn your to-dos into a fun game
– Accurately keep track of your tasks for the day / week / month
– Achieve your goals for the day and discover your own unique island map

◈ Visual Feedback ◈
– Make lists of what you would like to do today, routines or habits you would like to build, or any goals for the future
– Helps you list, review, and organize your tasks with immediate visual feedback along the way
– Adjust your progress to the reality of daily life and achieve your goals
– Stay motivated as you create a journal of your life that is unique to you

◈ Choose Your Favorite Themes ◈
– A must-have for journalers, 10+ different themes to customize the look of your journal
– Unlock and collect different island blocks with chances to unlock even more wonderful landmarks

■ When to Use ■
Have you ever experienced any of these?
– Lacking motivation, just thinking of planning out your day makes you feel lazy.
– You wake up in the morning and can’t figure out how to get started on your work or studies.
– Easily distracted, you struggle to focus on the things you want to get done.
– You procrastinate or get lazy and then feel guilty when you miss out on things you wish you’d done.

Life is like a playground, so make your to-do’s fun! Enjoy the adventure!

▼Any questions or suggestions? You can go to:

To-Do Adventure > Menu > Settings > FAQ & Support to find a solution to your issue

If you are unable to find a way to resolve your issue in FAQ & Support, tap the chat icon in the upper right corner to get in touch. Send over your questions or thoughts and someone from the Island Service team will be in touch! 🙂

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▼ Awards in the Google Play for Fourdesire
Best Everyday Essentials of 2019 / Plant Nanny² /
Nominee of User’s Choice App of 2018 / Fortune City /


The island developer drove away some bugs to make To-Do Adventure more efficient!

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